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Welcome to the Working Bull Terrier Photo Gallery. Here we have a growing collection of photos of this very unique bull breed. Take a look around, feel free to send us your photos. Be sure to check out the many links to other informative sites, merchandise, and much more.
2011 calendars have arrived!! Scroll down to check them out!

Brief Information:
Bull Terriers love to be the center of attention and can be the ringmaster of their own circus. Prone to "Bully runs", they have high bursts of energy, tearing through the house, bouncing off furniture, and skidding around corners. It's not funny, however, to come home to furniture that has been chewed into kindling. Their powerful jaws can destroy a family heirloom in minutes. So always keep durable chew toys on hand at all times. Bull Terriers like to be up close and personal with their owners, sitting on laps, helping with household chores, and guarding against the vacuum monster. The powerful, muscular body and strong, independent intellect mean the Bull Terrier can not be coerced. Persuasion by a respected and loved owner is the key to a happy household.

Updated: 7/22/10

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Bull Terriers 2011 Wall Calendar

Bull Terriers 2011 Wall Calendar

Courageous, comical, energetic, and loyal, Bull Terriers make devoted friends. Well-built and muscular, these dogs need plenty of exercise. They have a tough appearance, but they are gentle and affectionate.


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